From South Africa's ICECOLD winter
--> Mozambique's always hot winter

On the road again

The new vehicle - Ruben's Jeep, ready for the trip

The view on our way..

Ready for fire

Mozambique is welcoming us with loose sand.. Getting to know the jeep.

Our new home for some days. Lovely house and beautiful view. Feels like paradise!!


Andrea & Ruben. Our good friends and nice to travel with

The lucky couple, seeing Mozambique on the way home from Namibia and Congo

Ready for a swim in African winter..

A nice restaurant we had to try..

We even had two buckets of shrimps...

In the morning A&R made luxury English Breakfast, mmm.

Professional surfers???

Decide for yourself..... :)

Waves you don't want to get to close to, with my quality as a "pro" surfer...

Mike & Rubes enjoying the water temperature

Nice sundowner

Fisherman's friend